Deafblind Reality

Screenreder Technology has opened up the world of reading, writing and learning to those of us with sight loss who were greatly print-disabled in the world of pen and paper.

Thirty percent of people with sight loss have hearing loss as well and hearing aids and audio equipment have made huge strides too.

The clear message is to persevere and not be put off by an early experience of a hearing aid sounding tinny and noisy and trying to read print resulting in frustration and a headache. The mighty human brain can often sort out our problems when challenged to do so.

You will find a bit of everything: Sex, religion, politics and, if I   maintain my courage, some very personal stuff that could possibly help others.

You  don’t have to like or agree with what I write. But please join in with your comments if you want to.

The video below describes my passion for the In Your Pocket smartphone – so easy to operate and so useful to people with sight loss. The audio is me speaking and the visuals ar an animation created by The Guardian.

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