Holding Back

I often wonder why some people just like me, hold back and others just can’t keep out of the limelight. So I have been thinking about some of the things that might hold us back which could be related to our seeing and hearing challenges. Of course, we know we should not be holding back. We should aim to join in everything and always play our part.

NOT KNOWING WHO IS WHO: Who we are talking to.

MIS-HEARING WORDS: The embarrassment of using the wrong word.

NOT KNOWING WHEN it IS OUR TURN TO SPEAK: In meetings, shopping.

Partly hearing the conversation:  joining in when the topic has moved on, getting the wrong end of the stick.

Being a poor speller: When writing, avoiding words you can’t spell.

Just can’t be bothered: After many failures or embarrassment–  Just not worth getting hurt agai

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